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Parador of Gredos

In 1910 the Spanish government assigned the Marquis de la Vega Inclan the task of creating a hotel infrastructure-practically non-existent in Spain at the time-that would house travelers and improve Spain's image abroad. In 1926, through the Royal Tourism Commission established in 1911, the Marquis de la Vega Inclán initiated the establishment of a hotel in the Gredos Mountains that would make the wonders of the area's landscape accessible to tourism.

His Majesty King Alfonso XIII was very enthusiastic about the idea, and he personally chose the location. Construction began in August of 1926 and was completed on the evening of October 9th, 1928. The hotel was inaugurated that same day, and would become the first establishment of the future Paradores de España Network: The Parador de Gredos. After the opening of the Parador de Gredos , the "Board of Paradores and Inns of Spain" was formed and efforts were channeled into perfecting the original idea and into making use of selected historical-artistic monuments and beautiful landscapes for the establishment of new Paradores. Successive Parador openings in Oropesa (Toledo-1930), Ubeda (Jaen-1930), Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca-1931) and Merida (Badajoz-1933) are clear examples of how the characteristics of hospitality were harmoniously integrated with the restoration of castles, palaces and convents, rescuing from ruin and abandonment monuments representative of Spain's historical and cultural heritage.

When in Spain, you are never far from one of our Paradores. Today we have more lodging choices than ever, with over 90 Paradores located throughout the Spanish countryside. In addition to our most unique and historical accommodations, we also feature the best restaurants specializing in regional gastronomy accompanied by an amazing selection of local wines.

About us

Parador of Tortosa

Along the years we have booked tens of thousands of delighted customers in every Parador in Spain. We offer an unparalleled level of customer service and we are directly connected with the reservations central office in Madrid and to each individual Parador allowing us to secure your bookings at the best possible rates. The pricing presented and the special and promotions offered on this site are the same that you would get by contacting each Parador directly. We have been placing satisfied clients in Paradores for several years via our conventional travel agencies, and directly through Internet reservations since 1997.

Spain is a country packed with the great city excitement, sleepy villages of whitewashed walls and red tiled roofs, medieval walled cities, green mountains and valleys of the north, sunny beaches in the south, hill topped palaces and castles and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Be sure to try the tasty Spanish cuisine and excellent wines! With an excellent climate, Spain is a year round destination. The Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, are thought by many to be the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Certainly they seem lost in time from the rest of Europe. The virgin scenery will amaze you and the small villages, were lifestyles have changed little in generations, will charm you. Offshore, the ocean stems with whales and dolphins.